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One of our central research fields in computational perception is computers that "understand" certain aspects of music (that is, can identify/recognise things like melody, harmony, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation, mood, style, ... in a music recording) and, based on that, can recognize, interpret, and categorize music in useful ways. Such abilities are needed for many novel applications such as New Music Interfaces and TV & Radio Analysis. In addition, we develop computers that can analyze and follow music in real time, while it is being played, and that ultimately will interact with human musicians in musically meaningful ways.

Feature Extraction, Structure Recognition, Music Understanding

In general, we are interested in any project that aims at the automatic recognition of musical entities or structures (melody, rhythm, segmentation, ...) in music recordings, for the recognition and categorisation of music, new means of interaction with music, new ways of displaying and visualising musical information, controlling or modifying music in interesting ways, etc. The following list of example projects is only a suggestion; we are open to any creative ideas you may have. The little video to the right of the list visualizes certain sound/rhythm characteristics in different kinds of music (from work by a former Ph.D. student of ours).

Example projects:
Contact: Filip Korzeniowski, Gerhard Widmer

Feature extraction video by former PhD student Elias Pampalk

Real-time Music Following and Interpretation

At our institute, we are developing very efficient and reliable algorithms for "listening to" and tracking music in real time, and for aligning music audio streams to the printed score. Based on that, there is a lot of exciting possibilities for real-time applications. The following list gives a few examples. (Again: if you have other ideas, please let us know!)

The little video on the right shows a world premiere (Feb. 2015, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam): our music tracking system following a live concert of the famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, and displaying the musical score, perfectly synchronised to the live performance, on iPads in the audience.

Example projects:
Contact: Andreas Arzt, Filip Korzeniowski, Gerhard Widmer

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