MusiClef 2012
Multimodal Music Data Set
Department of Computational Perception TU Delft

MusiClef 2012 Multimodal Music Data Set

This page contains the MusiClef 2012 data set, a paper on which was accepted for ACM MMSys 2013 (Dataset Session).

The data set contains multimodal data on 1355 popular music songs by 218 leading artists, and is a considerably expanded version of the data set that was used for the MusiClef Multimodal Music Tagging Task at MediaEval 2012. Following the corpus annotation standard recently proposed by Peeters and Fort at ISMIR 2012 (reference [10] in our paper), the data set used at MediaEval 2012 would be identified as corpus:MIR:MusiClef:2012:MediaEval:version1.0, while the data set on this page would be identified as corpus:MIR:MusiClef:2012:MMSys:version1.0.

In case you make use of the data set in your own research, please cite the corresponding paper:

A Professionally Annotated and Enriched Multimodal Data Set on Popular Music
Schedl, M., Liem, C.C.S., Peeters, G., and Orio, N.
Proceedings of the 4th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys 2013), Oslo, Norway, February-March 2013.
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You can either download the entire dataset ( - 12.5 GB) or each component separately, below.

Editorial Metadata

To identify the music items in the data set and link them to other data sources, we provide lists of artist and songs, the corresponding album information for the songs, as well as corresponding MusicBrainz identifiers. For artists, we further provide shortened representations ("webartist"), which are used to identify artists in the web crawling subsets (to avoid file naming problems). The file names and corresponding composition of entries is as follows:

songs.csv <song-id, song, artist-id, artist>
artists.csv <artist-id, artist, webartist>
mbids.csv <song-id, song-mbid, song, artist-id, artist-mbid, artist>
<song, artist, album, tag1, tag2, ..., tagN>

Audio Features

The data set contains different music content features, computed from the audio signal of the music pieces. Two low-level features (FB-Mel and MFCCs) are provided, along with the output of two state-of-the-art audio feature extraction algorithms (BLF and PS09).



BLF and PS09

User Tags

Collaborative tags representing the "wisdom of the crowds" are provided on the track level. They were gathered from and are presented along with corresponding weights, normalized to  the range [0,100]:

Web Pages

To offer contextual music data, we crawled various sets of web pages in six different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish), on the level of artists and of releases. The corresponding data sets contain the raw HTML pages, information about the crawling process, standard vector space representations of the artists/releases as TF-IDF weight vectors, and Lucene indices of the web page sets (artist-level: 6 languages, release-level: English). The sets are decomposed as follows: crawled web pages with meta-information about the crawl term weights (TF and TF-IDF) Lucene indices of the web pages

Expert Labels

The music items were tagged by professional music annotators with respect to genre and mood aspects. We provide a unique list of tags used by the annotators (tag_list.csv), the <song-id, tag> assignments which were provided for training in the MusiClef 2012 campaign (train.csv), the test set containing only the song identifiers for which the tags had to be predicted (test.csv), and the ground truth for the test set, i.e., expert tags for the song identifiers in the test set (test_with_groundtruth.csv).

tag_list.csv list containing only the tags used in the annotation process
train.csv training set
test.csv test set
test_with_groundtruth.csv test set including ground truth annotations

MediaEval 2012 Reference Implementation

We provide a reference implementation, in which several text- and audio-features are fused to create a simple, baseline auto-tagger. The reference implementation is available as Matlab scripts: Please see README.TXT in the root of the zip file for further details.

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