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Multimedia Search and Retrieval

344.038, KV, 3h (4.5 ECTS), WS 2017/18

Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Markus Schedl
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Arzt

Time: Wednesday, 13:45 – 16:15
Start: Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017
Location: S3 055

This class will be taught in English.

Class Objectives and Content

Students will learn the basics in multimedia processing and analysis (feature extraction, feature analysis, pattern discovery, data analysis), which are required to understand and build multimedia search and retrieval systems. We will first cover the four most important types of multimedia data (text, audio/music, image, video) individually, focusing on particularities of each data source and on aspects of feature extraction and data cleaning. After the first set of lectures, students will have acquired a solid knowledge in state-of-the-art feature extraction techniques. Hereafter, methods to analyze the extracted features will be discussed, in particular, methods of data analysis for pattern discovery and visualization. This will be complemented by a practical project in which students will apply the techniques learned.

The main topics covered include:

Practical Exercise

The practical task will deal with retrieval of diverse images for given locations (details to follow). The practical exercise is mandatory and will contribute 50% to the final grade.


The detailed schedule can be found on the course's KUSSS web page.

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