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Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik: RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS

344.033, KV, 2h, WS 2011/12

Univ.-Ass. Dr. Peter Knees

Time: Tuesday, 13:45 - 15:15

Location: HS 11

This lecture will be held in English.
Presentation slides will be made available prior to each class via KUSSS and serve as supplementary material for the course.


Over the past decade, recommendation systems have become a ubiquitous commodity on the Web. Popular Internet services and retailers like,, or Netflix provide their users with recommendations of potentially interesting items and present user-personalized views of their catalogues. As there is a potential customer for even the most obscure product (i.e., products to be found in the so-called "long tail"), methods to recommend appropriate items at the right time are crucial for maximizing sales and user satisfaction.

This lecture gives an introduction to current techniques for making automatic recommendations. To this end, different methods to identify items that could be relevant to a user (e.g., by analyzing usage data of other users or by calculating the similarity of items) are presented and discussed. Furthermore, important aspects like evaluation of systems, their susceptibility to manipulation, and issues of the presented methods are covered. Emphasis is given to two popular application areas, namely music and movie recommendation.

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Peter Knees
Tel. 2468-1513

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