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Seminar in Intelligent Information Systems

344.039, SE, 2h (3.0 ECTS), SS 2014

Univ.-Ass. Dr. Peter Knees

Time: Monday, 15:30 – 17:00
First meeting: Monday, March 10, 2014
Location: S3 048

General information

Eligibility: Bachelor Seminar Computer Science as well as Master Seminar Computer Science with major subject Intelligent Information Systems.

Seminar objectives: Improving knowledge and skills in

Language: English (final presentation can be held in German if necessary)

Specific content and activities to be performed

  1. Choose your favorite topic from a list (quite comprehensive, provided by course supervisor) of topics selected from the Department's areas of research

  2. Find and study relevant literature (6-8 papers), compile annotated bibliography (about 10 lines per paper)

  3. Deliver written seminar report (about 12 pages)

  4. Review seminar reports

  5. Deliver oral seminar presentation (about 20 minutes)

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