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Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

344.009, KV, 3std., SS 2013

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Widmer

This class will be taught in English.

TIME: Monday, 12:00 - 13:30
START: Monday, March 4 (*), 2013

(*) Make sure not to miss the first class on March 4. This is when the groups for the practical project will be established!

Goals of this class

The lecture gives an overview of standard methods in the field of pattern recognition, pattern classification, machine learning, and statistical data modelling. It covers some of the most basic concepts and methods in the field, and demonstrates the application of these methods in a variety of complex tasks, mainly from the area of intelligent music processing and music information retrieval (which is the institute's special research focus).
The lecture is accompanied by a practical track where the students carry out a pattern classification project of real-world complexity in several stages, from feature definition and extraction to the training of various classifiers and systematic experimentation.
After attending the class, the students should have a basic understanding of the central issues in pattern classification, should be able to read the scientific literature on learning and pattern classification, and should have acquired the basic skills needed to realise and evaluate pattern classification systems.


Basic notions and methods of machine learning, pattern classification, and statistical data modelling, including

Course Material

PDF versions of the powerpoint slides used in the lecture will be made available electronically, via KUSSS.

Interested students may also want to consult the following books:

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