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Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik: Music Information Retrieval

344.301, KV, 3h - 4.5 ECTS, SS 2011

Univ.Ass. Dr. Markus Schedl

Time: Thursday, 13:45 - 15:15

Start: Thursday, March 10, 2011

Location: HS 12

The lecture will be taught in English or German (depending on students' requirements).


This lecture gives an introduction to techniques and applications used in Music Information Retrieval. The main topics covered are feature extraction (content- and context-based features), similarity measurement, applications of MIR, data projection and visualization, and user interfaces.

There will be a strong focus on the pratical part of the KV in the summer term 2011. We will perform a small contest as follows. Participating students will form groups and select one type of content-based similarity category (for example, music similarities derived from Web pages, from P2P network traffic or queries, from co-occurrences in user's playlist, and so on). Then, different approaches and algorithms to determine music similarity will be re-implemented (according to literature that will largely be provided by the lecturer). The implementations of all groups will be evaluated on a standardized data set (tuning will be allowed), and a winning team will be awarded.

Preliminary Schedule (may change!)

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