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Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik: Music Information Retrieval

344.027, KV, 2h, SS 2009

Univ.Ass. Dr. Markus Schedl

Time: Wednesday, 13:45 - 15:15

Start: Wednesday, 4th March 2009

Location: HS 12


This lecture gives an introduction to techniques and applications used in Music Information Retrieval. The main topics covered are feature extraction (content- and context-based features), similarity measurement, applications of MIR, data projection and visualization, and user interfaces.

Furthermore, participating students are required to select one Web-based music information system (,, MusicBrainz, discogs, Yahoo!Music, ...), perform an information extraction (IE) task and present the results in a short paper and talk (in groups). The IE task will probably involve developing simple fetcher and parser components, performing IE for a small set of artists, analyzing the results, and investigating their suitedness for MIR tasks.

Preliminary Schedule (may change!)

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