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The Intelligent iPod

With the intelligent iPod we present an approach that offers the user a convenient and meaningful way to access her music on an iPod. By exploiting information on acoustic similarity and community-based music labels, a music collection is automatically structured and described to allow for easy orientation and navigation within the collection.

The complete collection is arranged along a circular playlist path such that similar sounding pieces are grouped together. As a consequence, regions of musical styles emerge.

Intelligent iPod The different elements of the browsing interface. A continuous color bar shows six main music styles discovered for a collection of 1,440 songs (2). The bar can be slid to the left or to the right using the scroll wheel (4). Additional information about a subregion is displayed in a textfield (1) and updated while moving the color bar. To start playing the music of a specific area, one can simply scroll to that area and press the select button (5). The currently played song is displayed in (3).

Source Code

Please note, that the source code to generate the scrollable colorbar and corresponding playlist is missing. Unfortunately we can not put the source code for this online anytime soon.


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