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Mobile Music Genius

The "Mobile Music Genius" (MMG) is an intelligent mobile music player (currently only for Android devices) that aims at learning in which situation and mood the listener want to listen to which kind of music. Assuming that soneone who is relaxing at the beach would like to listen to different music than someone (or even the same person) doing exhausting sports, a machine learning component makes use of a wide range of user context attributes gathered on the device, for instance, acceleration, weather conditions, or current mood, to learn such music style-user properties relations.
The player then makes use of these learned relations to offer an "adaptive playlist" mode in which, based on the user context, songs that are likely to fit  the current entertainment need of the user are added to the music playlist. In addition, automated playlist generation based on a social music similarity measure (tag weights from is provided. In its current version, the MMG player only supports local music collections. We plan, however, to add support for streaming services, such as Spotify.
If you are a student and interested in this or similar work, please contact Markus Schedl.

The player was implemented by Georg Breitschopf as part of his Master's thesis.

Playlist Generation Browsing by Album Adaptive Playlist Mode User Feedback on Activity and Mood

Coverage in the Media

There has been some recent reports in the Austrian media on the player and the research project within which the player was developed, including:

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