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Disc-JoQey: A Semi-Automatic Application to Segment and Tag Recordings from Vinyls


03-09-2009:Disc-JoQey has been accepted to appear in the Late-Breaking/Demo Category at the ISMIR 2009 Conference. Download the Abstract here.
31-08-2009:Release of Disc-JoQey Source Code; Website going on-line


Digitisation of analogue audio storage media, such as vinyls, can be tedious work. Transferring the contained music to, e.g., an mp3 file that can be put on portable music devices usually requires several steps that exceed the (already not trivial) process of recording the pure audio signal. As opposed to ripping a CD, where audio extraction and labelling with meta-data can be performed fully automatic, for vinyls, the user has to take care of flipping the disc to record both sides, finding start and end of every track, extracting individual tracks, and finally manually annotating each track with meta-data.


Disc-JoQey is open-source software that aims at supporting the user in the process of segmenting, extracting, and tagging tracks from vinyl recordings. After typing in album artist and album title, Disc-JoQey retrieves album-specific meta-data (track titles, lengths, and offsets) via a music meta-data search engine (currently MusicBrainz). Since the retrieved data refers to the CD version of the album, timing data has to be adapted (i.e., mapped to the two sides of the recording). A waveform representation of the recorded signals can be used to check the correctness of start and end point for each track and, if necessary, to correct them. All annotated tracks can then be automatically exported into id3-tagged mp3 files.

Disc-JoQey Main Window


Disc-JoQey was developed by Christian Junker during the course of a practical ("Praktikum aus Informatik") under the supervision of Peter Knees.


Disc-JoQey Whitepaper (German)
Disc-JoQey Source Code (published under BSD license - see "LICENSE" for further information)


Disc-JoQey is using the CMake build system and depends on the following libraries: Disc-JoQey has been tested with and is known to work with Kubuntu 9.04 x86 and Ubuntu 9.04 amd64.

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