MusicMicro 11.11-09.12
Corpus of Music Listening Behavior Inferred from Microblog Data
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MusicMicro 11.11-09.12: Music Listening Behavior

This page contains the MusicMicro 11.11-09.12 data set, a paper on which was accepted for ECIR 2013.

The data set contains listening histories inferred from microblogs. Each listening event identified via twitter-id and user-id is annotated with temporal (month and weekday) and spatial (longitude, latitude, country, and city) information. In addition, pointers to artist and track are provided as a matter of course.

In case you make use of the data set in your own research, please cite the corresponding paper:

Leveraging Microblogs for Spatiotemporal Music Information Retrieval
Schedl, M.
Proceedings of the 35th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2013), Moscow, Russia, March 2013.

You can either download the entire dataset ( or each component separately, below.

Components of the Data Set

listening_data.txt <twitter-id user-id month weekday longitude latitude country-id city-id artist-id track-id>
artist_mapping.txt <artist-id artist>
track_mapping.txt <track-id track>
country_mapping.txt <country-id country>
city_mapping.txt <city-id city>

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